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sleepy owl review

Cold coffee lovers, listen up. Your days of throwing basic instant coffee in the blender with milk and sugar and thinking this is great coffee are over. With Sleepy Owl, you can come over to the party side now, where hot coffee drinkers sit and rejoice in an abundance of easily available fresh brews. 

In the world of Indian coffees, cold brews have been but an afterthought. Most coffee brands sell carefully curated varieties of coffee that are meant to be brewed hot. We’re spoiled for choice, with different types of roasts and flavour tones readily available from farms across the country. And while you can also cool it and have an iced coffee, it doesn’t taste the same as a cold brew. 

Cold-brewed coffees are made by brewing coffee grounds in regular temperature or cold water for 12-24 hours. As a result, they’re less acidic and bitter than hot brews and have a completely different flavour profile. Sleepy Owl Coffee’s signature cold brew coffees have redefined the Indian coffee landscape. 

It Tastes Ridiculously Good

We’re the kind of people whose lives are built around coffee. We don’t drink coffee so we can work, we work so that we can drink coffee. And we’ve worked out of every cafe in our city with coffee worth tasting. So when we say Sleepy Owl’s cold brew coffee tastes ridiculously good, we mean it. 

We ordered Sleepy Owl’s assorted box which had all five of their flavours: the original arabica, dark roast, cinnamon, french vanilla, and hazelnut. Each packet makes three cups, so with one packet we were excited to enjoy fifteen cups of cold brewed coffee. 

sleepy owl packaging

Naturally, we tried the original flavour first. The second we ripped open the cute little pouch, we were hit by the heady aroma of freshly roasted coffee. Heavenly. 

We brewed our coffee for 24 hours to get it nice and strong, and had it black, no milk, no sugar. The original cold brew was bold and super smooth with its characteristic nutty, somewhat chocolatey flavour notes. We also detected the aftertaste of some fruity tones.  

sleepy owl cold brew coffee

Next, we tried their hazelnut and French vanilla coffees to check out their flavoured brews. Flavoured coffees have a bad tendency to suck. They’re either so subtle that they’re underwhelming or so overpowering that it tastes like flavour and sugar, not coffee. So we weren’t sure how good these would turn out to be. 

Sleepy Owl’s flavoured coffees turned out to be perfectly balanced. If you asked us to do a blind tasting, we could easily pick out the hazelnut coffee. You can unmistakably taste the hazelnut flavour, AND the coffee. We liked that the hazelnut enhanced the chocolate tones of the original brew. 

The French vanilla was nice and balanced as well. It’s a milder flavour for those of you who prefer it. We made a French vanilla latte with our cold brew, and it tasted a little like we’d mixed cookie crumb ice cream with an espresso shot. 

High-Quality Beans, Roasted In Small Batches

Great coffee needs a great production process. And that begins with sourcing the right beans. Sleepy Owl uses grade-A 100% arabica coffee sourced directly from farms above 5300 ft in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. An “A” grade for coffee indicates a larger bean size, which generally correlates to higher quality coffee. 

Additionally, when coffee is grown at high elevations with less oxygen and cooler temperatures, it goes through a longer maturation process resulting in a fuller, richer coffee bean with pronounced regional flavours. It also retains its flavour for longer. To translate all this geek speak: Sleepy Owl uses the finest coffee beans grown on Indian farms for its brews.

sleepy owl cold coffee

But that’s only the first step. Next comes the roasting process, which can make or break the taste of the coffee. Roasting extracts the aroma and flavour from coffee beans, so we can experience coffee as we know it. The process is complex and usually tailored to each roastmaster’s preference. In short, it’s an art form that needs the attention of the artist. 

That’s why small-batch roasted coffees taste so much better: they’re roasted more consistently, bringing out the complexities of the coffee beans. And they can be enjoyed at their freshest. Sleepy Owl’s coffee is small-batch roasted using their signature roasting process, ensuring every batch tastes just as good. 

Then, the coffee is freshly ground and immediately sealed, every day, so the coffee you drink will be as fresh as pre-packaged coffee can possibly be. This coffee is free of preservatives, as it should be. All in all, the process makes for a great drinking experience. 

Sleepy Owl’s Brew Bags Make Brewing A Breeze

Sleepy Owl’s coffee tastes great, and its innovative brew bags set it a class apart from other coffee brands. 

sleepy owl bag

Here’s what the usual process of making cold brew looks like: you measure your coffee, add water, and let it brew for 12-24 hours. Then when you’re ready to drink it, you’ll have to run it through a sieve or filter a few times to get the coffee grounds out. It’s not the most convenient process, and there’s a chance of still ending up with tiny grounds in your coffee that interfere with the smooth texture of your cold brew. Not fun.

In contrast, here’s what the usual process of making Sleepy Owl cold brew is like: you tear out a brew bag from its packaging. Put it in 500 ml of water. 

sleepy owl coffee brewing

Let it brew for 12-24 hours. Then pull out the brew bag and you’re ready to drink it. It’s that simple. You end up with the smoothest brew you’ve ever tasted. 

Thanks to the brew bag, you don’t have to worry about how much coffee to use or deal with the pesky process of filtering your brew again and again. A potential concern with this is the environment and potentially your health. Teabags, for instance, aren’t always biodegradable because most of them are constructed with plastic fibres, and some are chlorine coated. 

But Sleepy Owl’s brew bags are completely free of plastic. They’re made with paper and aluminium so that they’re durable but better for the environment. We have to warn you though: it’s definitely not as sustainable as brewing your cold brew without disposable bags. Still, if you need a yummy, smooth cold brew on the go, biodegradable brew bags are a good option. 

Sleepy Owl Coffee’s signature cold brew coffees have been a game-changer for coffee lovers. Finally, we can enjoy the unique taste of the high-quality cold brew, with its lower acidity and bitterness, and slight natural sweetness. 

With sustainable brew bags that make for a smooth brewing experience without hanging around in the environment forever, we can enjoy a hassle-free cold brew anywhere. It’s a great coffee for busy people who just want to brew a large batch and keep going back because your cold brew won’t spoil in the fridge for up to a week. And if you like your coffee flavoured, you have a variety of options to choose from. 

And don’t forget, cold brews are just as versatile as hot brews! It’s only a different brewing method that has less acidity and bitterness. You can heat your cold brew and have it hot, or drink it black on ice. Add milk and make yourself an iced coffee, or mix it with condensed milk Vietnamese style. You can even make an extensive range of cocktails out of your coffee! However you choose to have it, your Sleepy Owl Cold Brew Coffee won’t let you down. 

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